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Newborn Media was founded in 2016 by Daniel Overbeck, a young photographer, who discovered the need for a creative agency with its own production department. As a hybrid between a production company and an advertising agency, Newborn Media are able to work more efficiently on our projects and, in collaboration with our clients, bring campaigns from idea to final product.

Creative storytelling, aesthetics and team work are core values in our work and in every project we take on. We believe these values are the recipe for any successful advertising campaign.

Meet the founder

Daniel is an experienced and skilled creative producer who is undoubtedly one of the industry’s talents. With experience within the whole production and agency world, Daniel is both a producer, photographer and leader. Daniel possesses a versatile understanding of film production. His creative mind and warm personality combined with his exceptional grasp of film production, set him apart as a character in the industry and make him a great CEO in Newborn Media.

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